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Importance of ICE (In Case of Emergency) contact number in mobile phone contact list.

 ICE is the short form of In Case of Emergency contact number in mobile phone contact list.
The fact behind ICE awareness:
If someone met with an accident and became unconscious, then passerby as well as police would try to contact his/her near n dear one through the victim's mobile contact list. But it has been observed that it is near impossible to find out the name of the family members as there is no rule or system exists to save family members in contact list.
So if all of us save at-least two phone numbers as
ICE- Father (YYY name)
ICE-Wife (xxx name)
ICE- Son/Daughter (zzz name)

Then anyone can call these numbers to inform the status of the victim such as the nature of accident/ injuries/ location of hospital to which he/she admitted.

It can also be used in case of loss of mobile phone.

Three- four years back, there was a campaign for the awareness about ICE in India. But it was not a successful campaign due to less publicity in print n electronic media.

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