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Chairman's Message

A community prospers when it gets enough intellectuals and professionals to infuse new ideas and fund to improve the socio-economic status and promote history, culture and traditional values.
We strongly believe in the saying:
*Education is wealth to the poor, an honour to the rich, an aid to the young, and support -n- comfort to the aged*
Quality education and knowledge can truly uplift and transform lives.
There was a time when a college degree was enough for almost every well-paying career. Now the scenario has changed so much so that a BE/MBBS/MBA degree holder needs to add a niche to his resume to showcase his/her potentiality for a certain position.
Our community needs more intellectuals and professionals.
The people of our community are well known for their simplicity, hard work and intelligence. However, many of the talents are lying undiscovered and some fade out with time. The main cause is the lack of information and proper guidance in right time. Proper guidance and motivation will stimulate the upcoming generations with right information in right time which will help them to explore and sharpen the hidden talent and potentials. This will help to make more competent individuals and contribute partly to uplift the society.
In this direction, MEINGAL founded in 2010 promises to play a critical role in enabling more talented students each year to attend professional institutions/colleges so that money doesn’t stand in the way if one is truly talented and deserving.

We also aim to empower the woman folk and semi-skilled people with entrepreneurship skills through external training.
*Nothing gives more joy than empowering those who need it most*
The Chairman,
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