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MEINGAL Monthly Scholarship for 2020-26 awarded to Subankar Sinha for his Electrical Engineering studies in NERIST.



MEINGAL Monthly Scholarship for 2020-21 awarded to Subankar Sinha for his excellent result in class 10th 2020. He also scored 100% in Mathematics.

Monthly Scholarship Amount: INR 2000.00

In late 2020, Subankar Sinha also managed to secure a seat in NERIST (one of the premier institute of the north east) to study Electrical Engineering.

Accordingly, Meingal team has also decided to continue to support Subankar Sinha with the same monthly scholarship of INR 2000.00 for his study duration in NERIST for next six years ( Sep 2020 to Aug 2026).

Team Meingal,

Testimonial in English

Testimonial in Bishnupriya Manipuri

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