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[Empowering The Society]
A Socio Welfare Non-Government Society
Registration No.: RS.KAM(M)/240/A-23/142 - 2010-2011
Dated : 02.08.2010
(Registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860)

Registered Office
2A, Baruah Enclave,
Opp-Pragjyotish Eye Hospital,
Hatigarh Chariali, Guwahati-24
Date of Establishment
07th March’2010

Area of Operation
North Eastern States of India

Website Address
Email Address
"MEINGAL" is a socio-welfare Non-profit Organization/Society established on 07 March, 2010 at Guwahati (Assam) with a mission to support the fellow citizens of our community in their time of need(specified area), work towards a greater interest of the society and serve as a guiding light. Our community outreach programs and youth initiatives are designed to help those in need. The society will perform variety of activities that would benefit the public.


The Executive body of the Society comprised of the following members to manage different affairs of the Society and exercise to achieve its objectives :-

1. Shri Bijit Sarma                - CHAIRMAN
2. Shri Mihir Sinha               -VICE CHAIRMAN - I
3. Shri Santosh Sinha         - VICE CHAIRMAN - II
4. Shri Sanjib Sinha            - SECRETARY GENERAL
6. Shri Pratap Sinha            - GENERAL SECRETARY(FINANCE & INFORMATION)
7. Ms. Jolly Sharma             - EXECUTIVE MEMBER


"Empowering The Society".


(i)    To organize a secular and social welfare, non-profit making society rendering voluntary services to the poor rural people.
(ii)   To organize the rural people for all round development and to create a congenial atmosphere for encouraging social welfare services for all backward sections of the society along with a Vision Aim to extend specific services for overall development and upliftment of the people belonging to the Bishnupriya Manipuri (a backward Community of the country) who are deprived of important facilities and Human Rights.
(iii)   To provide Educational assistance to undergo higher education including Professional courses & Technical courses or any Specialized courses and organize special Coaching Programmes in order to improve the educational standard of the students belonging to economic backward class families of the society.
(iv)   To empower women with entrepreneurial skills by providing necessary assistance to raise the status of women and create mass consciousness about women’s right by organizing awareness programmes of the problems of women.
(v)    To provide health related support to child women and other poor people of the society.
(vi)  To bring together persons interested in Adventure Sports, General Sports, Nature & Environment, Wild Life, Culture, Tourism, Literature and to encourage, assist and develop their interests.
(vii) To make awareness about Sanitation, Cleanliness, Pollution control measures for Pollution free environment, tree plantation, Self-employment, human rights etc.
(viii) To organize social awareness programmes on AIDS, Cancer, T.B. and Pulse Polio and take measures against them.
(ix)  To provide rehabilitation programmes to the Street Children, Orphans, Old helpless people for their rehabilitation in the society with the help of various sponsoring institutions/ persons etc.
(x)   To set up Fishery, Handlooms & Textiles, Small Industries, Computer Training Centres etc. for imparting training to the people of the rural areas and thereby encourage them to take up line of livelihood independently.
(xi)   To co-ordinate with Clubs, Associations and the Government body of similar interest for promotion of social and sallied activities.


(i)   Anybody will hold the membership of the society who heartily beliefs the concepts and the ideology of the Society.
(ii)  Before holding membership of the society he or she should have to promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the Society in front of the President.
(iii) Membership Fees
     A member shall have to pay a sum of Rs.100.00 (Rupees Hundred) only monthly as Membership Fees of the Society.


(i)   To meet the required expenditure of the Society, monthly Subscription/ Membership fees shall be one of the sources of Society fund.
(ii)  Collection of Fund :-
     The Society will raise fund through Donations, Charitable Shows, Cultural Shows, different Individuals, Government and non-Government Organisations, Govt. Grant-in-aid etc. which are not contrary to law.
(iii)  Control of Fund :-
      Chairman, Secretary General and General Secretary(Finance & Information) will control the fund of the Society by opening a Joint Account in any nationalized Bank.


The Executive Body of the Society shall be responsible for proper management and regular performance/functioning of the day-to-day affairs. The body shall be the over all in-charge of the properties of the society and take proper care and accounts of the properties. The Executive Body have the power to employ one or more staff(s) to take care of properties and help the management, subject to the approval of the General Body of the society.
The services of the engaged staff shall be temporary. His/her/their services shall be ceased as and when he/she/they act against the interest of the Society.

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