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Register for MEINGAL_Alerts_ from Mobile

Visitors can receive latest posts/activities of  MEINGAL published on this website on mobile phones. To receive Alerts on your mobile phones through SMS, visitors are requested to subscribe either ONLINE or from Mobile phones directly by registering a valid mobile number.

To Register from Mobile through SMS directly, please follow the following Steps:-

1. In your mobile text message box, Type  REGISTER  and send to  9870807070 to sign up for the service.

2. You will receive a SMS reply on your mobile confirming your registration as -  'You've accepted the Terms of Service at To subscribe, reply  ON channel name. eg. ON  GoogleNews. For more commands reply HELP'

3. Next step to register for MEINGAL_Alerts  Type-   ON MEINGAL_Alerts  and again send to the number 9870807070

4. You will receive a confirmation SMS reply on your mobile as - "Success. You are subscribed to MEINGAL_Alerts. To unsubscribe, reply OFF MEINGAL_Alerts. For list of commands, reply HELP"

Note :-

  • You don't pay anything to send or receive messages using Google SMS Channels. When you post a message to the SMS channel, all the members subscribed to the SMS channel get the message forwarded for free. SMS tariff charges may apply when anyone configure the service or publish to a channel using a mobile phone.

  • You will be charged the standard tariff charged by your mobile operator when you send a message. The message is treated as a single message even though your message might be reaching multiple users.

  • Know more about  SMS Channels

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