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SUCCESS STORIES: Farms n Farmers (FnF) by two alumni of IIT

25 JUN, 2011, 07.34PM IST, ALOK K N MISHRA,TNN
2 IITians turn down lucrative job offers, tread new path in farming

Farms n Farmers (FnF) has been started in 2010 by alumni of IIT Kharagpur and IIT Delhi having vast experience of Rural Development and Agriculture as well as Supply chain, Retail and FMCG. With the aim of providing end to end solutions (right from field to market) to farmers, the FnF team comprises of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the field of Soil Technology, Horticulture, Self-sustainable & Need-based farming and Organic Farming. Our goal is to revive the current agriculture sector in the northern states of India where farming may benefit from latest technologies and research & development. FnF targets to improve land profitability and hence increase revenue generation for Land owners, farmers and farm labourers. Other focus areas include maintenance and augmentation of fertility, and improvement of farms' condition, so that long term profitability can be achieved in all aspects.

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