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         “MEINGAL EXEMPLARY TALENT AWARD” has been introduced this year to recognize the exemplary talent & dedicated services of our fellow people. To start with the scheme, the NGO has decided to search such people from the female folk from the Bishnupriya Manipuri community who had contributed exceptional role skillfully and intelligently for self, family and the social development work. First of all, it is necessary to realize the individual role of a person, the role played for a family and the services towards the society.  Wide circulation  through different newspapers, website, oral contacts etc were made to collect such information, but not a single information came up voluntarily from anyone except one or two. Then, the team members started searching on their own in different villages, towns, cities etc. through resource persons. It has been a very tough task to reach these persons personally. We are very grateful to all those persons who helped the NGO to give and collect information on different personalities, specially to Sashikanta Sinha(satara), Chandrakanti Sinha, Sunil Kr. Sinha, Asutosh Sinha(Ravi) and Ashu Kanti Sinha apart from the team members and advisors of Meingal. Pratibha Sinha has contacted to each and every person and collected their biodata through personal and telephonic interviews. She has recorded an interview with them personally; an extract of each interview is published in the souvenir.

        Thus, under the Meingal Exemplary Talent Award scheme, the following two awards have been introduced for the year 2012 :-
  1. Meingal Bishishto Seva Puroshkar - This award will be awarded to activists for their exemplary contribution, distinguished and dedicated services in different fields of social work, mass media, etc.
  2. Meingal Bishishto Shilpi Puroshkar - This award will be awarded to artists for their outstanding performance and talent in the field of music, art and any type cultural activities.
Under the Meingal Bishishto Seva Puroshkar, six female social activists have been selected and under Meingal Bishishto Shilpi Puroshkar, two female and four male artists have been selected from the field of music and art. The list of awardees and their biodata along with interview is given below and in the following pages. The NGO is delighted to honour these distinguished personalities for their exemplary and dedicated services in their respective fields. The Meingal team congratulate the awardees and conveys best wishes for a healthy and happy life.

A.  Meingal Bishishto Seva Puroshkar Awardees :

1. Anjana Sinha

2. Anita Sinha
3. Sushila Sinha

In male categories -3. Mani Singha 
5.  Ajit Kumar Sinha6. Shakti Kumar Sinha


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