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(Survey on Bishnupriya Manipuri People)

Venue : BP Chalihanagar (Bamunimaidan)                     Date   : 23rd January, 2011

MEINGAL Team organised a "Meingal Survey Camp-I" on 23rd January, 2011 at B.P Chalihanagar (Bamunimaidan) to make a survey study on Bishnupriya Manipuri People residing in the area so as to plan out welfare projects in the most vital areas to provide valuable service to the people. The survey camp started at 09:00 hrs. and concluded at 16:00 hrs. The following   activities held in the Survey Camp :-

1.  Meingal Beneficiary Record(MBR)Registered data of Bishnupriya Manipuri People of the locality through Beneficiary Registration Form. Registration process will help to undergo a survey of our people to know the available number of Students, Unemployed youths, Women, & Senior citizens so as to plan out welfare projects in the most vital areas to provide valuable service to the beneficiaries. One copy of Beneficiary Registration Form given to the beneficiary for their record for future reference.
2.  Registering Mobile Number on the spot - Mobile numbers of the beneficiaries were registered with MEINGAL so as to start Group SMS Service to send important information, Job/ Exam Notices to students, Meingal Activities Notices & other services to the registered beneficiaries.
To Register, following two steps through mobile SMS service may be followed :-
Step 1. Type  REGISTER, send to  9870807070 & you will receive a confirmation message. 
Step 2. Type  ON MEINGAL_Alerts  &  again send to 9870807070 .
3.  Inputting Survey datas in the Meingal Beneficiary Record Database for analysis.
4.  Live Interview, Video Recording & Replaying on the spot :-   Face-to-face Interview of the local people viz.– Student, Sr.Citizen, Youths, Women etc. were done  to know their opinion on different subjects concerned on the present situation and video recording of same also done as opinion survey.

Apart from the people of the locality, DILS Lakhsmindra Sinha President of Bishnupriya Manipuri Writers' Forum, Bishweshwar Sarma(Social Worker & Sr.Citizen), Basanta Kr. Sinha(Sr.Citizen), Shankha Sinha-General Secretary of Nikhil Bishnupriya Manipuri Yuva Parishad, Sunil Kr. Sinha - Professional Artist & social worker also attended the survey camp who expressed their valuable opinion & best wishes to the NGO in their interviews for the success of the NGO. Recording of the interviews and detail survey report will be uploaded shortly. 

On behalf of Meingal Team, Bijit Sarma, Chairman of MEINGAL announced the future plans and activities of the NGO  in the survey camp as under :-


Dear Beneficiary and Well-wishers,

          We, the Meingal team are glad to get a privilege and opportunity to extend welfare oriented services for our fellow Bishnupriya Manipuri people. “MEINGAL" is a registered socio-welfare non-profit society established on 07th March, 2010 at Guwahati(Assam)  with a mission to support the fellow people of our society in their time of need in specific areas like education, medical aid, self-empowerment, information sharing etc., work unitedly towards a greater interest of the society and serve as a guiding light. The society will take initiatives to perform variety of welfare activities through different projects.

           At present, the society is planning to work on the following primary key mission areas:-

1. To organize “Meingal Survey Camp” to register data of Bishnupriya Manipuri People through Beneficiary Registration Form. Registration process will help to do a survey of our people to know the available number of Students, Unemployed youths, Women & Senior citizens so as to plan out welfare projects in the most vital areas to provide valuable service to the beneficiaries. One copy of Beneficiary Registration Form will be given to the beneficiaries for their record for future reference.
2.  To award one time Scholarship to meritorious Bishnupriya Manipuri students. “Meingal Scholarship” for the year 2010 had already been notified for the students who have passed HSLC Board Exam-2010 with 60% and above from 04 districts of Assam only (i.e Kamrup, Cachar, Karimganj & Hailkandi districts) and one student from Meghalaya State only.  Scholarship will be awarded to only one student with highest percentage of marks obtained amongst the applicants.
3. To provide Educational assistance to undergo higher education including Professional courses, Technical courses or any Specialized courses and organize special Coaching Programmes in order to improve the educational standard of the students belonging to economic backward class families.
4.  To provide assistance to develop entrepreneurial skills for unemployed youths.
5. To take initiative steps to extend instant medical aid services in case of emergencies.
          The Bishnupriya Manipuri community is growing in population in Guwahati and living in a scattered way at different locations. So, sometimes it becomes difficult to give instant messages/invitations to each family/individuals instantly in case of emergencies, programmes, rituals, ceremonies etc. In this 21st century, we have mobile phones & it has become easier to contact each other & pass messages. So, we have planned to launch a Group SMS Service(probably web based) whereby people can request a message by a registered mobile number so that the message can be forwarded to all members registered with the system. There are lots of advantages with this kind of system and some of them are:-

Ø   Instant message for Blood donations ( preferably to people having the particular BLOOD GROUP ) to a patient in   hospital bed.
Ø   To declare date and time with invitation for important community /social functions.
Ø   To declare death of a person with address and invite them to the nearest place of cremation.
Ø   To declare changes in venue/date/time of meetings /programmes/marriages/rituals/etc.
Ø   To have a ready database of people & contact numbers living in and around the town/city/villages.
          To implement the Group SMS Service, we need to create a database of our people and that can be done in two ways:- One by online registration through web portal of Meingal ( and 2nd by registering people with manual form filling. The data of people and contact numbers will be kept safely and securely. It can be a free service or paid service depending upon the category of message. For death and Blood donation, it can be free and for others we can charge a fee from the registered user who will request the Group Message Service.

          To achieve the above missions & to execute the project plans, we need your esteemed co-operation & support henceforth. Hope to receive your satisfactory feedback & response through this “Meingal Survey Camp”. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous life.

                                 With thanks.
                                                                                                                                  Meingal Team
                                                                                                                            M E I N G A L

Recordings of Interview & Survey Report will be uploaded shortly......

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