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Premor Ithow_Trailer

Watch the trailer of  PREMOR ITHOW : A Bishnupriya Manipuri Movie
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PREMOR ITHOU, which means "the wave of love",  is a mix of romance, action and entertainment; the length of the movie is 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Details of the movie:
Story, Script, Screenplay, Lyrics & Direction : Hirendra Sinha

Produced by : Kartik Sena Sinha
Asstt. Director : Samar Sinha
Technical Director : Rupkamal Hazarika
Action Director : Kamal Sinha
Play back Singers: Tushar Arjun, Hirendra, Bithi, Nirmal & Samar

Actors : Sangeeta Sinha (introducting), Jishnu Prasad Sinha(Hero), Hirendra Sinha, Madan Sinha, Sadhana Sharma, Kumkum Sinha, Shilpi Sinha, Madan Kumar, Biki, Jyotika Sinha & Kanan Kishore Sinha, Sarojini Sinha

Guest Artists : Kartik Sena Sinha, Rita Sinha & Laxmindra Sinha

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